We're eagerly awaiting the release of God of War II , but IGN is so far ahead of the curve on this one, they've already got the review up (looks damn good). Of course, thanks to a report over at Joystiq, it appears there are a couple juicy bits of info not fully detailed in that review.

The first is the addition of a bonus disc included with the game – and we're assuming it comes with the standard edition, and there is no Collectors or Special edition – and it features all kinds of cool stuff for big-time GoW fans. We imagine there's the requisite behind-the-scenes, photo galleries, perhaps some deleted scenes, etc. But the other bit of news is even more intriguing:

Yeah, we know there are plenty of PS2 owners out there who haven't wanted to pick up the PS3 just yet. After all, you're still playing Final Fantasy XII and God of War II is on the way. You don't need a PS3 just yet, right? Well…that's gonna be up to you. Because if you have the PS3 and HD, you should know that if you play God of War II on the PS3, you can view it in glorious 720p resolution! Uh-oh…the wallet's already starting to groan, ain't it? You know you want the HD capability, anyway, and you know the PS3 games are a'comin'…

We'll let you sit and stew; perhaps ponder a bit.

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