The rumors have been swirling for weeks, fueled by a recent listing on EB Games' "coming soon" list. And now, hot on the heels of announcing that Manhunt 2 was in the works, Rockstar has officially confirmed they'll bring Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories to the PS2. Originally a PSP title, it will be the second to make the jump from handheld to console, as the same happened with Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories .

Oddly enough, after the rumor exploded all over the Internet, EB took the game of its list. And it's still off the list, despite the official announcement…who knows how these retailer lists really work, anyway? The good news is that Vice City Stories is coming on fast, as Rockstar claims it will ship in just one month's time, arriving in North America by March 6 and in Europe on March 9. We do expect to see the same price point in the U.S. – Liberty City Stories was a budget-priced PS2 title at $20 – but Rockstar did not release the official price of VCS.

You just can't keep a good franchise down, even if it has to make the seemingly backwards leap from handheld to console.

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