Pursuit Force was a solid addition to the PSP lineup last year; a year that really helped to flesh out the handheld's library. Because of the game's relative success, Sony has decided to release a sequel to the intense driving game in the UK, on both the PS2 and PSP later on this year.

It's called Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice , and you'll be tossed directly in the middle of a war zone. The gangs and criminals of Capital City are completely out of control, and your job is to – quite literally – drive them out of town. This isn't as easy as it sounds (does it sound easy, anyway?) because the bad guys won't go quietly, and there's a new rival squad dubbed the Viper division. So now you've got some competition! In order to succeed, just choose one of the many vehicles available (hovercraft, planes, helicopters, jet skis, tanks, trains, etc.) and get on the road…or air…or water…

Up to four players can go at it on the PSP, and the PS2 version will get the standard split-screen two-player mode and a "Justice Bar" that will assist you in regaining valuable strength as you progress through the game. Both versions are slated for a late-summer release in Europe.

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