Sega has apparently abandoned Shenmue and decided to begin another franchise, this one a bit more adult and action-oriented. It's called Yakuza , and it actually sold quite well in both Japan and the U.S. But for now, the sequel is Japan-only…and yet, it's selling even faster than the original!

Japan's Mainichi Interactive has reported that shipments of Ryu ga Gotoku 2 (we'd know it as Yakuza 2 ) have passed the half-million mark. This is even more impressive when we consider that this title only recently saw release: it hit Japanese store shelves on December 7.

Those 500,000 copies shipped in less than a month means the sequel is selling faster than the original. Yakuza couldn't hit that number until Sega started releasing budget-priced copies several months after the release. Okay, guys, you know what this means…get that game over here, pronto. We're certain it'll be more mature-rated fun, even though that still sounds weird, coming from Sega.

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