Okay, so what if you European gamers have to wait a bit longer for the best of the best? Absence makes the heart grow fonder… In other words, the more you hear about how great Final Fantasy XII is, the more you want it.

Square-Enix has finally solidified a release date for the twelfth FF installment in the UK: February 23. The game found its way to the top of both sales charts and critics' "Best Of" lists for 2006, so get ready to call in sick, gamer friends across the Atlantic.

"The PAL launch of Final Fantasy XII is our biggest release since Square Enix started self publishing across Europe last year," said John Yamamoto, president and CEO of Square-Enix. "With over 4 million copies already sold in other territories, we are looking forward to launching it to our fans in Europe and around the world."

If you hadn't already seen, you may want to check out our 2006 Game of the Year AwardsFinal Fantasy XII took home a few trophies, including the most prestigious of all…

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