The be all and end all of 2006 NPD announcements
is finally here. The December 2006 NPD sales numbers have
surfaced and boy are they shocking. Most notable December sales
of the PlayStation 3 came together to a not-so-terrific 490.7k
units, bringing the PS3's sales to 687.3k purchases. Nintendo's
Wii managed to move roughly 604k systems, below most people's
predictions, bringing it's total to 1.1M sold in North America.
The PSP did surprisingly well selling nearly 1M pieces of
hardware (953k, to be precise), and its American total is now
6.7M sold.

The Nintendo DS and Sony PlayStation 2 were
fairly close in sales, with the DS racking in 1.6M sold, and the
PS2 selling 1.4M. 9.2M DS' can be found in the homes of Americans
(including Canada), and 37.1M PS2s have made it into the hands of
gamers. The Xbox 360 performed exceptionally well with 1.1M sold,
with 4.5M units in American hands. Lastly, the ever-aging, though
spirited Nintendo GBA continues to march on with 850k sold —
totaling 35.1M in sales. NPD says sales for December were up 28%.

Once you're done with the NPD hardware charts, take a look at
the software charts
, as well.

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