The Electronic Entertainment Expo has had travel a troubled road this past year after its collapse in the Summer – dissolved, reborn, shifted back and forth across the calendar, renamed more than once. As

, it seems that IDG is ready to nail down the final details on its new exposition. Now called "E For All," the show will take place over the weekend of October 18th with a focus more on entertainment and consumer relations than business and industry talk.

Poised just before the holiday season, it gives attendees the ability to interact with the season's hot games in a friendly atmosphere, even allowing them to purchase some of what they see on the show floor. Other events IDG plans to include are gaming tournaments, a job fair, family-oriented content, and a musical performance called Video Games Live.

Open to the general public, E for All will still take place in the LA Convention Center with tickets for the three day full access going for about $100.

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