Ever want to survive a massive natural disaster, only without the disturbing possibility of real death? Well, Agetec just might have the game for you. Yesterday, the company announced Raw Danger for the PS2, scheduled to arrive in February of 2007. You fans of those disaster movies may want to take notice, here.

The game places the gamer smack dab in the midst of a city surrounded by mountains, rivers, and a vast ocean. Then you're deluged with ceaseless storms, so you've got to get the hell outta town once things begin to go south. Bridges will collapse, buildings will crumble, and through it all, you must find a way to escape the insanity.

"While no natural disaster is a game, Raw Danger does explore the more fantastic elements of a major event," said Mark Johnson, Vice President of Production and Marketing at Agetec. "The experience of trying to survive through a natural disaster can be incredibly engrossing."

We believe ya, Mark. Now lets see if you can deliver the "engrossing" experience in all its intense glory.

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