We might still be waiting on the game, but Japan is already primed for an update. Sorry, U.S. RPG fans.

With Atlus USA promising a second-quarter release of Persona 3 for the PS2, the latest issue of Famitsu has announced the first details for an update in Japan, Persona 3 Fes.

That "Fes" stands for Festival, kinda like "Festival of Persona 3," although that may sound a touch awkward. This isn't a whole new title, but the added content is almost as long as a new RPG- "Fes" consists of the original game's content and 30 hours of additional gameplay. Apparently, this new gameplay centers on "Gojitsudan," a story sequence that begins after the original game's ending. And it's not just straight gameplay additions; Atlus has gone the extra mile and included a bunch of new animated movies in the extra content.

Even the regular Persona 3 storyline will boast several significant features. The story hasn't changed, of course, but fans will notice a slew of new events. And beyond the extra adventuring, the gameplay itself gets an update with a new "Hard" setting, 23 new Personas, the ability to change a character's clothes, and a full weapon synthesis system.

"Fes" will be available in two packages: the standard full-price version with an append disk, and the append disk by itself. The latter will be cheaper, obviously, but it requires that players always insert the original Persona 3 disk before starting. Atlus hasn't announced pricing for either option just yet.

Japan gets this update on April 19 of next year, which will likely beat out our first version of the game…so does that mean we can expect all this bonus content included in our version of Persona 3 ? Let's hope so.

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