Koei continues to believe in all their franchises, regardless of sales or critical acclaim.

Yesterday, the company that specializes in historical action/strategy-based titles announced the impending release of another Samurai Warriors . Samurai Warriors 2 Empires , a game that predictably blends action with strategy, will be available on both the PS2 and Xbox 360 on February 27, 2007.

You'll be fighting to unite 25 regions in feudal Japan, and as the game is loosely based on true historical facts, the player will take part in several crucial battles in the country's history. One of the longest and bloodiest battles will be included; "The Battle of Kawanakajima," and that's only one of many.

One of the more appealing factors this time around centers on the Create-a-Warrior option. Rather than selecting one of several pre-set characters, you'll be able to create and customize one right off the bat. The game will also include single-player and two-player co-op gameplay, along with a gigantic list of 400 playable characters.

Well, they haven't really gotten a Samurai Warriors right yet, so maybe this one will finally break through to "quality" status.

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