Instead of releasing the now-controversial Rule of Rose in the UK today, 505 Games has decided they will not distribute the game. In an official statement today, the company said, "Following discussions with our retail and publishing partners, 505 Games has taken the decision not to publish Rule of Rose in the UK at this time."

This comes hot on the heels of a ban request by Rome mayor Walter Veltroni. Justice Commissioner Franco Frattini also issued a set of scathing comments regarding the game – Rule of Rose "shocked" him for its "obscene cruelty and brutality" – that ultimately resulted in a variety of news articles. Quotes such as, "alleged overtones of lesbianism and sadomasochism," flew through the papers.

The publisher tried to counter the negative press by releasing an official statement designed to appease the offended:

"Rule of Rose is a horror genre videogame, similar to a number of other videogames and movies on the market today, but does not in anyway incite minors to commit violent acts and does not promote acts of violence towards minors."

But clearly, that wasn't enough, and the ensuing pressure has caused 505 to keep the game from releasing in the UK. However, Rule of Rose will still be available in other parts of Europe.

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