Some celebrities love their games; others back certain games for a particular reason. When it comes to the rock music scene, most everyone has heard of Dave Navarro, former Jane's Addiction and current The Panic Channel guitarist. So it only makes sense Navarro should like the idea of Guitar Hero II .

The famed guitarist will help to promote the new rhythm game, and in doing so, should add a great deal of appeal to those who aren't familiar with the guitar-wielding title. Of course, this sequel also features several of Navarro's hard-hitting solos from Jane's Addiction's, "Stop," but we like to think Dave is there just to be nice.

Navarro will attend the Guitar Hero II Midnight Madness event taking place at Best Buy in Los Angeles at 12 AM on November 7. Fans who purchae the game can get their Guitar Hero SG controllers signed by the veteran musician, so if you're in the area, don't miss the opportunity.

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