Aw, Thompson's bid may have failed.

Earlier this week, Florida lawyer and antigame activist Jack Thompson promoted the "historic ruling" to the press in a complaint he filed against Take-Two Interactive in regards to its latest PS2 title, Bully . The story was posted just yesterday, and we revealed the judge's decision: to review the game behind closed doors to see what all the hubbub was about.

"It appears that finally the violent video game industry is going to be held accountable to someone," Thompson confidently wrote in his Wednesday announcement.

But according to Destructoid , the judge has already ruled on the issue, and he apparently didn't see anything that should prevent Take-Two from shipping Bully , on time and unfettered.

"There's nothing in the game that you wouldn't see on TV every night," Friedman is quoted as saying. He did add that he wouldn't want his children playing the game, but that doesn't necessarily mean the game shouldn't be made available to others. The report is that Thompson will not appeal the decision as the game is set for release next Tuesday.

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