Among the many announcements today, Sega has been quite talkative, and their latest news should intrigue old-school fans: Shining Force is getting another installment.

Entitled Shining Force EXE , the game will feature action/RPG elements and an entirely new storyline, complete with the more traditional anime cut-scenes. It all began back in '92 on the Sega Genesis; the original Shining Force was one of the very first strategy-based console games in history. But since then, the franchise has grown and expanded, and there will be several new and innovative additions featured in EXE .

The game will revolve around a fresh Fortress System where the player will manage and customize the growth, layout, and defense of the Geo Fortress. And while you will still control a party, individual character customization is essential to success, and this process is expected to be quite intricate. All in all, Sega wants you to feel more "personally involved" with each character's advancement.

From the story perspective, there are two lands that constantly battle each other with massive beasts and powerful spells. Unfortunately, no side is ready to yield, and you're tossed in the midst of this massive military conflict. You will control Toma, a warrior who can wield the Shining Force, and Cyrille, a powerful sorceress, who embark together on a quest to bring peace back to their war-torn land.

There is no news yet on a release date, but that info may be closer than we think…

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