Nippon Ichi, the company responsible for some of the most niche strategy/RPGs with the biggest cult following, isn't abandoning the PS2 just yet.

They've announced their new project called Soul Cradle: Sekai wo Kurau Mono, which roughly translates to the intriguing title of, "The Creatures Who Swallow The World." It's a potentially good reason to keep an eye on the PS2 lineup for 2007, and it should definitely make all you Disgaea fans grin.

Screenshots are non-existent and the release date is a big fat "TBD," but they've already got a Japanese website ( Soul Cradle ) featuring a pretty in-depth backstory. The game takes place in the land of Prodest, where a war broke out between humans and nine strange entities; one shadow and eight giants. These giants were driven to silance by the main character (Lena) after she defeats the shadow, but the giants still represent the "creatures who swallow the world." And 200 years later, the battle begins anew.

Yep, that sounds just about right for Nippon Ichi: kooky and zany, and likely to sport some mind-bending depth on the strategy end. Some of us recall the Transmigration system from Disgaea and the further intricacy of Phantom Brave, so if these are any indication, Soul Cradle should be yet another time-consuming strat/RPG that just might swallow our world. Be on the lookout for more updates – and hopefully a preview – when the details start to flow.

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