Well, you can't blame the NRA for not upholding its well-known, "guns don't kill people, people kill people" motto.

NRA Gun Club, exclusive to the PS2 and scheduled to ship on September 19 across North America, is a non-violent target shooter featuring over 100 different firearms and more than 15 target challenges. By adopting this more timid – yet educational – approach to weaponry and video games, the NRA seeks to maintain its non-threatening image.

The game will include a certification mode and a head-to-head for some appreciated competition, but the NRA emphasizes the fact that the weapons will not be used in any combat situations. A recent quote on IGN from Mike Marcellin, Managing Director of the NRA, reinforces the challenging sportsmanship angle.

"In keeping with the NRA mission, this game tests marksmanship in a sporting environment and emphasizes responsible use of firearms," said Marcellin. "This is a fun and exciting game, challenging all ages and all levels of firearms proficiency."

So if you're more into the professional, Olympic-style gun usage rather than the blood and guts rampages, check this one out. At the very least, it's an original – and very legitimate – alteration of the genre.

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