1. New Super Mario Bros. DS

2. Brain Age:Train Your Brain DS

3. Prey 360

4. Chromehounds 360

5. 2006 FIFA World Cup PS2

6. Big Brain Academy DS

7. Fifa 06 PS2

8. Naruto:Ultimate Ninja PS2

9. GRAW 360

10. 2006 FIFA World Cup Xbox

11. 2006 FIFA World Cup 360

12. FIFA 06 360

13. Prey Collector's Edition 360

14. LOTR:Battle for Middle Earth 360

Not that any other platform is putting up much competition, but the DS continues to steamroll the stragglers with its 3 keys titles – NSMB, Brain Age, and Big Brain Academy. What's the secret? Cheap prices, nostalgic gameplay, and some shiny new hardware to attract hold-out consumers. While every company holds their cards for the Fall, the DS train isn't likely to slow down anytime soon.

The 360 isn't faring too badly, though, as a platform with mostly original releases (unless you count those shared with the PC). Not one of 'em is strong enough to break the Nintendo's stranglehold, though – not even the dark horse Prey. Perhaps Dead Rising, Capcom's prized zombie-smasher can buck the trend in early August.

Finally, the PS2 maintains its presence, but only on the strength of banal licenses and sports titles. Little of note will be appearing on the charts until probably September.