1. PS2 – 2006 FIFA World Cup

2. GBA – Drill Dozer (discounted price)

3. XBX – 2006 FIFA World Cup

4. DS – Brain Age

5. DS – New Super Mario Bros.

6. PSP – Death Jr. (discounted price)

7. X360 – 2006 FIFA World Cup

8. GC – 2006 FIFA World Cup

9. PSP – 2006 FIFA World Cup

10. PS2 – FIFA 06

Apparently, the only thing holding the industry together right now are bargain portable titles and World Cup FEEEVVAAHHH. As the futbol craze subsides, though, football mania is peeking over the horizon. As college teams head out to their first practices of the season, EA's NCAA pigskin title is expected to take over the charts for the remainder of the month.

At the very least, Sony's managed a decent showing this time around with four titles littering the charts.