Some games are announced with great fanfare (Halo 3) while others are leaked
by an overzealous online retailer (Karaoke Revolution: American Idol).
Occasionally a game is revealed when some industrious people notice a company
registering a domain or trademark. The latter may be the case for Guitar
Revolution, a trademark filed by Konami on June 29th, according to Gamespot .

Further supporting the theory that Konami has a Guitar Freaks-type game in
the work is the description that accompanies the filing, part of which reads
"video game controller in the form of an electronic toy guitar, sold as a unit."
A Guitar Hero rip-off? Not exactly. Konami actually beat harmonix to the punch,
in Japan at least, with their popular Guitar Freaks series. It never made it to
the US, though you can find the game in arcades that import games (Mission
Valley Mall in San Diego being one such place).

Konami has yet to comment on the filing, but it's reasonable to assume
they've got something in the works, considering how successful Guitar Hero has

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