How many times have you wished Dace Dance Revolution had more songs, better
music, or both? If you're one of those people Codemasters is promising the game
of your dreams: Dance Factory. Coming late August exclusively to the PlayStation
2, Dance Factory is being touted as "the only dance mat game that creates moves
from any music CD in anyone’s entire collection – delivering never ending replay

How does it work? Take a look at the new video at (I'm pretty sure you have to register to
watch it). Once players have loaded up Dance Factory and replaced the game disc
with their choice of music CD in the PlayStation 2 disc tray, dance Factory
creates pounding dance steps in no time at all.

The game also includes a plethora of different dance modes, including Fitness,
Eyetoy, USB Camera, Endurance and Recorder, where players can record their own
dance steps to their favorite song. In addition to choreographing dance steps
for any music CD, there's also a "Creature Mode". Here, a unique creature is
generated from your music CD to dance along with them. If that's not enough, you
can accessorize the creature and pit him against a friend’s creature, in some
sort of weird creature dance-off type thing.