Ahh, memories. Fifteen years ago, on this very day, some of us popped a little black cartridge emblazoned with the name of the titular charcter "Sonic the Hedgehog" into a little black console. We took a little black controller into our grimy hands (wet with sweat only the prospect of a new toy to play with could muster) and didn't let go until the bags under our eyes were the same color.

Sonic's career, much like the rollercoaster-esque hills he jets through, has had its ups and downs. The golden age of his Genesis days have since been marred by uninspired sequels and wretched spin-offs. Remember Sonic Shuffle? I bet you don't! And I'll wager good money you only remember Shadow the Hedgehog because it came out at the end of last year.

But old blue keeps on chugging and his upcoming next-gen and portable titles could help him maintain enough momentum for a welcome back tour. So, Happy 15th Birthday Sonic! And may your future be as bright as the shiny side of a power ring!