If you're a frequent reader of our Japanese software sales number article,
you know that the DS has been the system of choice for Japanese games
from quite awhile. It's time to take a look at Media Create's top ten for the
week ending June 18th to see if things are any different.

And the answer is… no. The DS is still stomping all competitors, lead by
New Super Mario Bros. which has sold almost 1.7 million copies in Japan alone.
Good thing Nintendo waited 15 years to release a proper 2D Mario – nobody seems
to want it that badly. The good news for the PSP is that there is one game in
the top ten. The bad news is, it's at #10, and it won't be there next week.

Rank/System/Game/Weekly Sales
1. (DS) New Super Mario Brothers – 200,037
2. (DS) More Brain Age – 60,463
3. (PS2) World Soccer Winning Eleven 10 – 52,124
4. (DS) Digimon Story – 41,135
5. (DS) Brain Age – 40,878
6. (DS) Animal Crossing Wild World – 30,206
7. (DS) English Training DS – 26,723
8. (DS) Tetris DS – 23,762
9. (PS2) Pachislot Vol. 5 Shinseiki – 23,587
10. (PSP) Doko Demi* Issho Let's Gakkou! – 16,852