Another week has gone by, and that means it's time to take a look at the
latest software sales numbers in Japan for the week ending June 11th. If you
just did a double take thinking I accidentally posted the DS top 10 – I didn't
mess up, this is the real chart, the DS ownz Japan.

A paltry two
PlayStation 2 games are on the list and nary a PSP game makes an appearance. You
can bet Sony has taken notice of how well a redesigned Nintendo DS is selling,
as well as the spike in sales that DS games are seeing.

Rank/System/Game/Weekly Sales
1. DS New Super Mario Bros. – 244,882
2. PS2 Hisshou Pachinko – 100,967
3. DS Brain Age 2 – 52,876
4. PS2 World Soccer Winning Eleven 10 – 34,880
5. DS Brain Age – 34,760
6. DS Animal Crossing – 25,355
7. DS English Training – 23,130
8. DS Tetris DS – 21,710
9. DS Mario Kart DS – 11,880
10. DS Pokemon Ranger – 11,646

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