After a few weeks off, we're back with the latest sales data from Japan for the week ending May 28th. As usual the list is brought to us by the folks at Media Create.

Despite a few weeks away, it appears things haven't changed to much – the DS is still kicking butt and the PS2 is the only console worth noting. One rarity, however, is the appearance of a PSP title, Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy, on the list. Hey, if you can't get on the top ten list with a game like that in Japan, you're never getting there.

1. (DS, Nintendo) New Super Mario Bros. – 899,518
2. (DS, Nintendo) More Brain Age – 86,451
3. (DS, Nintendo) Brain Age – 62,616
4. (PSP, Square Enix) Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy – 48,342
5. (DS, Nintendo) Tetris DS – 46,809
6. (PS2, Enterbrain) Kimikiss – 42,127
7. (PS2, Konami) World Soccer Winning Eleven 10 – 38,419
8. (DS, Nintendo) English Training DS – 37,222
9. (DS, Nintendo) Oideyo Doubutsu no Mori – 36,610
10. (PS2, Konami) Powerful Pro Baseball – 32,742