The ruthless Agent 47's fourth outing takes him to America, attempting to find some new contracts while avoiding a conflict between his employers, ICA, and another firm that seems to be taking out other hitmen like himself.

We had a chance to sit down with the demo, which was unfortunately more of a linear tutorial level than anything else. The graphics were quite nice, though, and the rest of the game promises to be just as open-ended as past titles have been, allowing the player to determine how to close in on the kill. Though not much has really changed, you do get a status report at the end of each level in the form of a newspaper front page. It's really quite cool as the mock story details the specifics of your methods from number of deaths to the amount of noise you created or how many witnesses saw your face. It gives you incentive to do better or the accompanying police sketch of Agent 47 will become more accurate, making later missions tougher. You can use bribes to lower your notoriety if you start becoming too famous.

Get in on the contract killing fun with Hitman: Blood Money, shipping on the 30th.

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