Puzzle Challenge, of course!

Yeah, I went there…but if you're tired of dealing with erasures smudging your grid or tearing right through the center of a puzzle while trying to rip it out of the morning newspaper, this massive collection of crossword and other daily challenges might fit the bill.

The game lives up to its tagline: Crosswords and More, with plenty of standard puzzles of all difficulty levels, cryptic clues, codebreakers, diamond crosswords, backwards crosswords, and two different types of word search. Overall, Puzzle Challenge boasts over 200 hours of gameplay.

Though crosswords aren't traditional fare for consoles, the budget price of $19.99, portability, and game sharing features of the PSP version make it a good time-waster if you're a fan of these types of puzzles. You can also create multiple accounts so friends and family can share and solve at their own pace. Puzzle Challenge ships on May 30th for the PSP and Playstation 2.