A bit of a late-comer this week, the belated Jaws: Unleashed has finally hit the market. The game, which has been in development longer than Roy Scheider's stint on

, features the famed Great White in all his ravenous and terrifying glory. If you have a good memory, you might remember a Jaws game for the NES which featured a lonely little diver trying to fend off the underwater menace with a piddly harpoon gone. Schyeah right, like that's going to hurt Jaws! This time around, though, you actually get to play as the shark himself, scouring various environments for hapless victims and then ripping them to shreds.

The game probably should've been in development even longer due to the reports on the overall quality, but how can you resist campy humor and the ability to terrorize a small fishing community?! You can't! Go buy Jaws: Unleashed! For it's budget price of $29.99, it's better than spending that money on a trip to the beach…

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