When we first brought word of Street Fighter Alpha Anthology months ago, Capcom left it unclear as to whether the games inclued in the collection would be strictly arcade ports or contain the extra modes and characters found in the home games.

We now know the answer. The anthology, which was just released in Japan this week as Street Fighter Zero: Fighters' Generation, does indeed contain characters not found in the original arcade game, as well as bonus play modes.

The anthology includes the arcade versions of Street Fighter Alpha, Street Fighter Alpha 2, and Street Fighter Alpha 3, as well as Pocket Fighter. In addition, each game also has an "Arrange" setting, which allows access to characters formerly-exclusive to the home games, such as Cammy and T.Hawk. We do have word though, that Eagle, Maki, and Yun (added to the most recent SFA3 roster) are not in the game.

Also included is a mode called Hyper Street Fighter Alpha. Once players have "beaten" each game at least one time, this option becomes available. It allows players in versus matches to mix-and-mingle the backgrounds and characters from ANY game in the series.

Street Fighter Alpha Anthology goes on sale in North America on June 13, 2006 for a suggested retail of $29.99.