and win a chance to be featured on the tracklist for Guitar Hero II. The sequel to the "Be a Guitar Hero" sweepstakes done in promotion for the original game is really dishing out the prizes this time:

# Epiphone G-400 Electric Guitar
# EMG Zakk Wylde pickup set
# Krank Distortus Maximus distortion pedal
# Pacific Drums and Percussion CX Drumset
# Morley Pedal Steve Vai Bad Horsie Wah pedal
# Copy of “Guitar Hero” and “Guitar Hero II” videogame
# Winner’s music track to be included in “Guitar Hero II”

In addition, you may even be eligible for further publicity via game promotions. If you think you or your band has what it takes, head on over to the link at the top of this article and submit your tune there. Submissions can be made in mp3 format by 11:59 PM, June 30th, 2006.