Lara Croft, the buxom adventurer from the Tomb Raider series has made her way into the record books. The Guinness Book of World Records has named Lara the 'Most Successful Human Videogame Heroine'.

"It is a mark of the phenomenal success of the Tomb Raider series that 10 years after the first game release Lara Croft is more popular now than ever. It is fitting that she has been recognised for this remarkable achievement." said Ian Livingstone OBE, the man responsible for discovering Lara back in 1996. "The new game Tomb Raider; Legend' utilises the very latest capabilities in high definition gaming and Lara looks more stunning than ever before.

After a few duds, Tomb Raider: Legend is receiving genereally positive reviews, so between a hot new game and a world record, things are looking good for Lady Croft.