A report at

speculates that Sony could drop the price on the Playstation 2 soon. The 6-year-old console has been sitting at $149 for quite some time now and the recent PSP price drop (sans accessories) makes this a good time to appeal to the consumers.

Though the article speculates on a pre-E3 drop to maintain the PS3 momentum through next month's premiere event, an announcement would go well with the showing of strong software (like God of War 2) in what is surely to be the system's final year of console dominance. Coupled with the burgeoning number of titles being converted to the Greatest Hits line, the PS2 could boom once again.

Nonetheless, Sony has not commented on such and even said in one of their recent junkets that the PS2 would not be dropping in price anytime soon, which lends credence to a surprise announcement at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, if anything.