Always reliable Media Create has released the latest software sale numbers in
Japan for the week ending March 26th. This week doesn't look a while lot
different from what we saw last week – Final Fantasy XII still tops the charts
and has now sold over two million copies. On the handheld front, the DS, as
usual is king, and the PSP is nowhere to be found.

Rank/System/Game/Weekly Sales
1. (PS2) Final Fantasy XII – 238,000
2. (DS) Pokemon Ranger: Diamond & Pearl e-no Michi – 193,000
3. (PS2) Ace Combat Zero: The Belkin War – 109,000
4. (DS) Oideyo Doubutsu no Mori – 83,000
5. (DS) Motto Nou wo Kitaeru Otona no DS Training – 77,000 /
6. (PS2) Shin Sangoku Musou 4 Empires – 54,000
7. (DS) Eigo ga Nigate na Otona no DS Training – 46,000
8. (DS) Nou wo Kitaeru Otona no DS Training – 46,000
9. (PS2) Harukanaru Jikuu no Uchi de 3 – 46,000
10. (DS) Mario Kart DS – 22,000

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