Tecmo has announced today that Monster Rancher EVO, the most recent installment of the monster breeding series for the PlayStation 2 has gone gold and will be on shelves April 11th. If you pre-order you'll receive the first edition of Monster Rancher collectible cards.

"We are very pleased with the direction Monster Rancher EVO has taken in this latest episode," said Mike Domaguing, Marketing Manager at Tecmo. "The combined elements of the spectacular art, intricate gameplay, enveloping story, and its trademarked breeding style mark this game as the best in the series. For the first time in history, Monster Rancher fans, anime fans, RPG fans, and breeding fans will finally join hands and come together to sing songs, and dance in merriment!"

Wow, that's a heck of a quote. Tecmo promises the newest addition to the franchise will have unique RPG elements, anime inspired art direction, and a captivating storyline. As usual, the game will include the unique media disc input system that creates monsters based on the CD, PlayStation 2 game, or DVD the player inserts into the PlayStation 2, allowing you to create a near endless supply of creatures.