Before all the hub-bub of the Business Brief, we brought you a story about the official Katamari website,

, being shut down in three days. Well, that time has transpired and what are we left with? Not a mention of a new Katamari, but instead a goodbye note of sorts heralding the shutting of the website and the dissolution of the team behind everybody's favorite series.

It would appear that, at least in the foreseeable, there will be no more games in the franchise (the last of which is the impending Me and My Katamari for PSP releasing later this month), which is a shame because the possibilities for a next-gen adventure would've been insane! Perhaps all is not so bad, though, as we were never meant to get a sequel or a PSP game in the first place. Those came from the demand of gamers and Namco brass.

While the Prince may be shelving his magnetic ball of stuff for good, the message also gives us a silver lining: "The Katamari Doctor" (series creator Keita Takahashi), as they call him, is working on a new game of a different type. It cautions, however, that there will be no rolling around or making large things, so it may not be any fun and would be a waste of your time to anticipate it.