Hints of a sequel to Winback: Covert Operations have been making the rounds for months, and today KOEI made it official. Winback 2: Project Poseidon is coming to the PlayStation 2 in April.

This latest update to many people's favorite first-person shooter brings to the series a new "route" system that lets players experience each mission from the perspective of different operatives. There are 30 intense missions, multiple difficulty levels, and new weapons including the highly-anticipated sniper rifle.

The new Winback assault team is comprised of three young, yet combat-proven operatives led by Craig Contrell. Each team member is qualified in six different weapon types and highly-adept at CQB (Close Quarter Battle). They are masters of target identification, engagement and shot placement. In the hands of the player, all of these techniques will be put to the test. The game's unique shooting action is spread across 30 high-risk operations situated in challenging urban environments and conveyances.

Sounds like they mixed some Metal Gear Solid into the Winback, which isn't a bad thing. Winback 2 ships April 18.