EA has sent word that Jarvis Thompson has won the 4th annual EA Sports Madden Challenge Tournament. Thompson, 18, from Upper Marlboro, Maryland defeated Haarwun Brown, 18, from Mobile, Alabama, with a the final score of 42-18 using the Philadelphia Eagles, this weekend in Honolulu, Hawaii.

After receiving the $100,000 (Yes 100k!) and congratulations from NFL players in attendance like Warrick Dunn, Chad Johnson, and Tony Gonzalez, Thompson said, “It’s a great feeling and I still can't believe I actually won. There were some tough rounds but I used the Eagles to take advantage of Donovan McNabb.”

The 2005 EA Sports Madden Challenge Tournament ran every weekend from Aug. 27-Dec. 11, 2005. It'll be back next year, so you'd better get practicing.