Monster Hunter EVO, the next installment of the monster breeding series for the PlayStation 2 will ship April 11th, according to a press release from Tecmo. Featuring the series’ unique media disc input system that creates monsters based on the CD, PlayStation 2 game, or DVD the player inserts into the PlayStation 2, this latest incarnation of Monster Rancher promises to be "an evolution of the series."

“Monster Rancher EVO is truly the next generation of Monster Rancher,” said John Inada, General Manager at Tecmo Inc., “I truly feel that all anime fans will appreciate the new art direction that EVO has taken. The cinematics pull you into the game, and fully immerse into the enchanting storyline. The fans of the Monster Rancher series will value the evolution of this game.”

EVO follows the adventures of Julio, a young circus performer with dreams of becoming a champion monster breeder. You'll travel with the circus to seven different towns, each with its own story and unique 3D environment. New features include more role playing elements, deeper gameplay, and a character-driven story.