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Electronic Arts has sent word that The Godfather The Game will hit store
shelves across North America on March 21st. Europe will have to wait just a hair
longer, as the title will be released on the 24th over there. In case you've
been living under a rock, The Godfather is based on the book by Mario Puzo and
the classic film by Paramount Pictures The game is being developed for the PS2,
PSP, Xbox, Xbox 360, and PC. The PSP and Xbox 360 versions will be released
later in the year.

“The Godfather is one of the most exciting, dramatic and memorable works of
fiction in the world; for the videogame, we felt it was important to build a
complex and responsive open-world that puts you in the heart of the action,”
said David DeMartini Executive Producer of The Godfather The Game. “The deeper
you are into the experience the better the game gets,” DeMartini added.

“Our goal has always been to maintain the legacy of The Godfather and empower
players to interact in the world based on one of the most remarkable motion
pictures of all time,” said Sandi Isaacs, Vice President of Interactive at
Viacom Consumer Products. “Electronic Arts has been an exceptional partner and
we’re incredibly excited to launch one of the most anticipated games of the

The Godfather The Game places you in the role of a young man just entering the
Corleone family in 1940s New York City. You will work your way up the mob ranks
your own way, choosing just how much force to use as you rise to power. The game
will feature original characters as well as characters from the film such as
Luca Brasi, Sonny, Tom Hagan, and of course, Don Vito Corleone himself.