Finally, Square-Enix provides a reliable context for settling the age-old debate of whether pirates or ninjas are better! As a fan of the former, I'm happy to announce that FFXI's new class is the Corsair, complete with boots, longjohns, a frilly shirt, and you can't forget the pirate hat! The Corsair primarily serves a support role in FFXI's complex party dynamic. Though some fans are disappointed that it is not a new melee class (support classes generally have to compete with each other for spots in a party and this only adds to the problem), the Corsair comes with new Gambling abilities and a hexagonal-shaped gun which fires effect-causing bullets.

Other new information found in a recent issue of the Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu mentions a new city called the Aht'Uhrgan Empire which could become another Jeuno (FFXI's current center of commerce that's always jampacked with players). Unlike the neutral city of Jeuno, though, this new area may be prone to monster invasions.

The Corsair, along with the other new class, Blue Mage, can both be found in the upcoming expansion, Treasures of Aht'Uhrgan.