Surprises do happen in the games industry.

Case in point, SouthPeak Interactive just announced that they're working on a sequel to State of Emergency which should be on store shelves this coming February.

State of Emergency 2 will offer fans a wealth of new gameplay options, including vehicular and aerial combat, gang control, character switching, unlockable content, hilarious cheats, and a frantic arcade challenge mode, all backed by a gripping storyline.

"We are looking forward to reintroducing everyone to Spanky and his crew and to hitting the top of the charts again," said Mark Greenshields, Chief Executive Officer of DC Studios, the game's developer. The original State of Emergency sold more than 1.5 million units. "Our team has made State of Emergency 2 a really great game and one that far surpasses the original."

Grittier and more realistic than its predecessor and with a highly involving single-player story mode, State of Emergency 2 takes place four years after the original and has Spanky, MacNeil, Bull and the rest of the Freedom movement once again battling to rid the world of the oppressive Corporation, an evil corporate dictatorship that is intent on the global enslavement of the masses.

The game will include and 12-mission single player campaign featuring a full cinematic story experience, five multiplayer modes, and an arcade challenge mode with 15 separate challenges.

State of Emergency 2 for the PlayStation 2 will be available at U.S. retailers nationwide in February 2006, and in Europe in March 2006. A PSP version is in the works and will be available in the fall of 2006.