Media Create has released their list of the best selling software titles in Japan for the week ending October 30th. The PS2 continued to do well, but the real surprise was the Nintendo DS with four titles in the top ten. While the system's software has always sold well in Japan, four games in the top ten is very impressive – just ask the PSP.

The first number after the game title is units sold that week, and the number in brackets represents total sales.

01 PS2 Shadow of the Colosuss 140,295 [140,295]
02 NDS Pokémon Torouze 30,426 [96,675]
03 NGC Totsugeki! Famicom Wars 25,568 [25,568]
04 PS2 Ultraman: Fighting Evolution Rebirth  25,502 [25,502]
05 PS2 Eureka Seven TR1:NEW WAVE  24,778 [24,778]
06 NDS Tamagotchi 23,289 [340151]
07 PS2 Hisshou Pachinko Kouryoku Vol. 1: 22,081 [93,840]
08 NDS Adult Brain Training 21,730 [700,625]
09 NDS Gentle Brain Exercise 21,046 [610,725]
10 PS2 Dragon Ball Z Sparking! 20,534 [469,266]

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