If you think you've got the skills to pay the bills, then you might be
interested to know that EA has announced that they will be holding a "Best of
the Battlefield" online  tournament – featuring a grand prize of $250,000
for the winning team.

“Battlefield 2: Modern Combat raises the bar for online multiplayer action,
and EA is making things really interesting with a $250,000 grand prize in the
“Best of the Battlefield” tournament,” said EA’s vice president of marketing,
Jillian Goldberg. “If you think you or your clan has what it takes to rule the
battlefield online, here’s your chance to prove it. Start practicing!”

The online tournament will challenge gamers to rule the battlefield in EA’s new
game Battlefield 2: Modern Combat for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox. Gamers can
register for the online tournament at http://battlefield.ea.com beginning Tuesday, November 1st.