RPG fans may recognize the name GameArts as the folks behind the multi-million selling Grandia series. The last release we saw in this prestigious series was the Square-Enix published Grandia III on the PlayStation 2.

Today, an announcement was made that a company called GungHo has just acquired GameArts as the culmination of a long-running relationship with the Grandia series' creators. For those who don't know who GungHo are, they been one of the driving forces behind the online and community-based games in the land of the Rising Sun, and were responsible for the incredibly popular PC MMORPG, Ragnarok Online.

In light of this acquisition, a new title in the Grandia franchise, Grandia Online, has been announced. No platforms have been specified as of yet, but we can hope that perhaps the PS2 will see some MMORPG love; The last its seen was with Square-Enix's Final Fantasy IX.