Naruto fans can do a happy dance, for Bandai has announced that they are publishing Naruto: Narutimate Hero for the PlayStationn 2. Scheduled for release in Q1 2006, Bandai promises that this fan favorite weill feature all the explosive ninja fighting action from the anime series now showing on the Cartoon Network.

“The Naruto series has proven to be wildly popular in Japan, inspiring over 28 volumes of graphic novels and 113 episodes of the anime,” said Naruo Uchida, Vice President of Bandai Games Inc. “Gauging from American fan requests, websites, and cosplayers dedicated to the series, we are confident that an enthusiastic reception awaits Naruto: Narutimate Hero in the United States.”

First introduced in 1999, Naruto quickly became Japan’s most popular ninja manga.In 2000, Naruto was expanded into a series of graphic novels with over 50 million copies sold in total in Japan. Okay, we get it – it's pretty popular.

Developed by CyberConnect2, who developed the .hack series, the game features cell-shaded graphics, 14 playable characters, and several game modes.