Tired of being out of shape, but love playing games? Konami has announced partnership with 24 Hour Fitness that see the fitness chain add Dance Dance Revolution to their Kids' Clubs. Additionally, Konami will package a coupon for a 30 day pass to any participating 24 Hour Fitness within its bundle packs of Dance Dance Revolution Extreme 2 for the PlayStation 2, and Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 3 for the Xbox. The coupon will be valid through the end of March 2006.

"Bringing the health and fitness benefits of DDR to 24 Hour Fitness is an unbeatable combination in helping kids and adults stay in shape while having fun," said Clara Gilbert, Director of Business Partnerships at Konami Digital Entertainment – America. By placing DDR in 24 Hour Fitness locations we strive to help kids and adults achieve their fitness goals in an unintimidating and fun way.

Whether it gets people excercising or not, you've got to admire a company for taking at least a small step towards getting people to live a little better.