Bandai has announced that D.I.C.E.(DNA Integrated Cybernetic Enterprises) for the PlayStation 2 is now available in retail stores. The game, which features mission-based shooter action with racing elements, is inspired by the show of the same name that airs on Cartoon Network.

"D.I.C.E. offers an irresistible combination of combat, action, and racing that really appeals to kids," said Nobby Matsuo, co-producer at Bandai Games Inc. "Younger players will have fun tackling their own missions as they discover two never-before-seen Dinobreakers exclusive to the video game."

As members of the D.I.C.E. team, players must keep the peace in the Sarbylion Galaxy and investigate all intergalactic disturbances. With the help of Dinobreakers, robotic dinosaurs that can transform into vehicles, D.I.C.E. agents utilize their training, skills, and upgradeable weapons to combat evil.