Konami has revealed that Suikoden V, the newest installment in the RPG
series, will be released in North America for PlayStation 2. Other than that,
not too much is known about the game, save for some sugar-coated PR, which we
have included below.

From the press release:

Suikoden V, like its predecessors, features unparalleled in-depth gameplay, a
riveting storyline as well as the series’ trademark 108 Stars of Destiny. Thrust
into a time of unbalance and unrest, a dynamic drama unfolds revolving around
one of the 27 True Runes, the Sun Rune. Players are tasked to explore the lands
of Falena, gather allies and become stronger to ultimately bring back peace and
prosperity. While on their quest through rich 3D environments, exciting new
secrets of the Suikoden world will be revealed!

The game features significant enhancements from all the previous installments of
the series, including 6-member battle parties, multiple mini-games and the
homebase system, where all of your allies gather together along with new
features to create a unique gameplay experience like no other.

We'll be sure to keep you updated on the game as its release date, which is
as yet unannounced, draws near.