If you're a fan of collecting videogame promo items, or you really need a new
shirt, you'll be excited about Namco's promotion for Soul Calibur III. Starting
this month, if you put $5 down to pre-order the game at any Electronics
Boutique, GameStop or GameCrazy, you'll receive a custom t-shirt when the game
comes out. Each retailer will have its own exclusive shirt design, featuring
artwork of new and classic characters. Fans who pre-order Soul Calibur III at
Electronics Boutique will receive a shirt featuring Nightmare, Tira and
Zasalamel; gamers who reserve their copy at GameStop will receive a shirt
featuring Ivy, Kilik and Astaroth; and those who pre-order at GameCrazy will
obtain a shirt featuring Mitsurugi and Setsuka.

In case you're wondering, the game will be available exclusively for the
PlayStation 2 and ship on October 25.