Hold us back! Namco Hometek announced today that We Love Katamari, the follow up to last year's Katamari Damacy, has gone gold and will ship on September 20th for the PlayStation 2.

In We Love Katamari, players once again meet the unforgettable King of All Cosmos, whose head may have grown even larger due to all of the fan adoration he has received in the last year. He seeks to reward his fans' allegiance by fulfilling their requests for creating new and bigger katamaris. To do this, he has recruited his determined little Prince, plus a host of the Prince's wee cousins, to roll up everything in their path – from koi fish and angels to gargantuan mountains and even international landmarks like the Eiffel Tower.

We Love Katamari offers an all-new two-player cooperative play mode, in which each player controls part of the katamari. An expanded battle mode has also returned that includes three size scopes for more challenging head-to-head play.

SEPTEMBER 20TH!!! La da, da-da-da-da, Katamari Damashiiiii