Still a month away, the hype for the Tokyo Game Show in Japan is already
starting. KOEI has revealed their list of games for the show; one of which is
Ni-Oh, a samurai-themed action game for PlayStation 3. Since we love all
consoles here, we'll also mention that Dynasty Warriors 5 Special (working
title), an enhanced edition of the Tactical Action game for Xbox 360 will also
be at the show.

Today’s announcement encompasses a broad range of offerings including martial
arts-themed action, a military third-person shooter, Massively Multi-player
Online games, and a sequel to one of KOEI’s “Neoromance” series of games for
girls. This is a partial listing of products. The company is also planning to
announce a full list of games on a future date. Dates shown below are Japanese
release dates. North American release dates are pending.

The Tokyo Game Show 2005 will be held from Friday, Sept. 16 through Sunday,
Sept. 18 at the Nippon Convention Center in Makuhari Messe. The event is open to
the public.